Recycle Your Printer Cartridges or Mobile Phones For Free, Right Now

"Helping charities and the environment one cartridge at a time."

Raise Charity Funds

Each cartridge you send will raise up to £2.75, and popular mobile phones over £20, split equally between our three deserving partner charities:

Over £50,000 has been raised so far thanks to your generosity. Read more about our 3 charity partners.

It's Easy and Free — Here's How

You can send some ink cartridges to us right now using our printable Freepost address label.

If you have toner cartridges or larger quantities, we may be able to offer free collections and boxes to store them in.

And if we can't reuse your particular cartridges, we'll show you other, free recycling services you can use.

Save The Environment

Your empty cartridges will be refilled and reused as 'compatible' cartridges — a much better use of resources than recycling, as the whole cartridge is used again.

Recycle Your Items Now   More Information

More Information

Which cartridges can you take?

We can take empty or unused cartridges for the most popular brands of printer: HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, Dell, Oki, Lexmark, Ricoh, Neopost and Samsung. Send now.

If we can't reuse your particular cartridges, we'll help you with customised information on other free recycling services you can use.

Which mobile phones can you take?

All mobile phones can be recycled with us and their chargers if they are sent with the respective phone.

How much will the charities make?

It depends on the model, and condition of the cartridge or phone. Cartridges raise up to £2.75 each, and usually between £1 and £3 for popular models. Reusable phones can raise anything from £1 to over £100 for newer models.

Which charities do you support?

Cartridges4Charity raises funds for SeeAbility, Cardiac Risk in the Young, and Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland, and the funds we make from your donations are split equally between these three.

Can I raise funds for other charities?

Our sister project Ink2Cash enables any charity, organisation, business or individual to raise funds from their own supporters' cartridges.

What happens to items I send?

Cartridges are professionally cleaned, tested and filled with new ink to be sold as 'compatible' cartridges. Phones are refurbished and sold as second-hand models.

Any that cannot be reused or fail testing are separated into different materials for recycling.

Recycle Your Items Now   to register and send your cartridges or phones.

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